Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The sexiest vampiress in the known universe, Lamia, will be coming to you very soon courtesy of yours truly! Lamia is an homage to the fabulous vampiress vixens of the 1970s, and what's even sweeter, she comes complete with a cute gay best friend, Antonio.

The both of them get into all kinds of adventures and mischief. Lamia will be posted online as a webcomic, and that will be collected into the standard edition of the comic, released regularly. There will also be a 'director's cut' version, which will feature extra pages of additional story and sexier content! Both editions will be available in hard print copy and in high-quality digital copy.

If you'd like a sneak preview, skulk on over to http://lamia.comicdish.com and download the free wallpaper pack!

It's my sincere hope to have Lamia start by my favourite holiday -- Halloween, or Samhain as it's better-known!

Keep checking back for more updates! I think you're going to like Lamia. I know she likes you!

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