Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Incubus Tales site redesign

As regular readers of Incubus Tales will by now know, the comic's site has been redesigned to be less intense and easier on the eyes. The decision was made long ago to do this, but only recently have I really had the time to dedicate to getting things looking and feeling like I thought would be appropriate. Of course, I've still got to tweak a few things and make sure that it's going to work, but I think this is a lot better than how it was.

In other news, I've put Pandemonium Renaissance on hold temporarily, because I really need the right inspiration for something that is so much a work of concentrated art, I suppose is the best way I could say it. It's very intense to do, and I want to make sure I do it right. Additionally, having only Incubus Tales as an active, deadline-oriented weekly update comic has freed me some time and opportunity to do things like changing its site design, which I think is good. I'm also working on commissions (which I'd always like more of!) and some special projects, as well as fun stuff for all you readers.

For everyone wondering, Masquerose and Midnight Down are coming along beautifully. Everything is going along at a steady and pleasant pace, and I feel sure that it won't be a very long time before we see both active and there to be enjoyed. As the launch for Masquerose comes closer, I'll be more forthcoming with details, but right now I want to keep it something of a surprise. I hope you understand, and I'm sure you do!

Recently I also completed another project that I'll be sharing with you all when it's ready and released. I'm really happy with the work, and I'm sure you will all be able to appreciate it, as you always do.

In my spare time I've been doing my piano, which is coming along very nicely, and playing Lego Batman. It's a hilarious and fun game, and if you haven't played it, it's definitely worth a spin. Lots of fun, and it never takes itself too seriously...thank goodness!

See you next time!

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