Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bangles! No, really...

I have great news for you! I've been working on a comic collaboration involving bangles, which are extremely important accessories in India, traditionally. You see them virtually everywhere, and you usually buy bunches at once because they're worn several at a time. Additionally, since they're glass, inevitably a few will break, so you'll want to have replacements. There are even whole markets dedicated to them.

They have a very special place in my heart, so I hope you'll await news of the collaboration with bated breath! I think you'll all be touched by it.

Tangentially, I bought some new bangles for myself recently. It was just a little reward for completing this collaboration, and something to commemorate it. I looked around the net, but a lot of places didn't have sizes listed or simply didn't stock extra-large, which is the size I require. However, I found a great site called Beachcombers! And they have been fantastic. One of the owners, Jody, custom-made my set of bangles and even provided a helpful video, because believe me...it has been a really long time since I last wore bangles. They send free extra bangles with every order, their custom sets are incredibly affordable, and honestly I can only encourage you again and again to look around at Beachcombers! They stand behind their products and their work, which goes a long way with me. Tell them hushicho recommended you. The bangles I received are of the highest quality, and they also ship internationally. If you've been waiting for a convenient opportunity to try bangles -- or bindi (forehead jewels), mehndi (henna tattooing) or khussa (traditional shoes) -- then take a peek at Beachcombers's fantastic selection.

Anyway, please do stay tuned as they say, check back for more news on the upcoming bangles project and other projects in the works. There are plenty I'm working on, and so many fun things to share with you in the upcoming months!

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  1. My breath is bated!

    Thank you for the wonderful endorsement of our glass bangles! The pleasure was all mine, Hushicho.