Monday, May 2, 2011


I’ll be appearing at Outlantacon on 13-15 May. Come see me!

I’ll have books and posters with me, including the fabulous new The Incubus, the omnibus edition first volume of Incubus Tales!

If you’re going to come, though, please don’t fly. Don’t fly to the United States, don’t fly from the United States, don’t fly with a stop in the United States. I will not have my friends, fans, and readers raped and molested by creeps and scum such as are currently employed in US airports and defying our fundamental rights every day.

You can still order my work online, and I’m happy to communicate with all of you through the wonderful medium of the internet! I might be fun to hang out with in person, but no-one is fun enough to justify the degradation currently perpetrated upon people in US airports.

I hope to see some of you at Outlantacon, though! It’ll be a great GLBT-oriented show, and there will be a lot of fun to be had! It’s also in Atlanta, so there’s plenty to do even when you’re not at the show! I intend to party hard!

See you there! I’ll be in the dealers’ room!

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