Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Commission Special!

As summer begins, I am still catching up on my rest from all my travel this past month. I'm not that fond of summer altogether, because I can't stand heat.

But my complaints about the heat pale in comparison to my dear friend Hawkye's pain.

Right now, he is suffering from an oral infection that will kill him if it is not treated. He is looking into treatment options, but like many people in this country, he cannot afford insurance, so his options are severely limited.

He has always been a supporter of my work, and always a regular reader of and commenter on Incubus Tales, and so for this month, I decided to do a special!

Any sexy commission order will receive a discount! And what's great is, even if you just get a sexy sketch along with a more involved, formal commission, you get a discount on the whole order. It doesn't have to be outrageous,!

My rates start at around $10-15 for the least and quickest thing I can do, which is still lots of fun. Think of less game on Steam, one single time eating out...and someone who needs help will get it. Because I am donating as much of my profits as I can to Hawkye, so that he can have help with his dental issues.

I don't want to lose one of my dearest friends. I love him like a brother. Please help me with this. I'm not asking for handouts, though I always appreciate donations and tips.

But I am suggesting, why not heat up the summer early? Let's do some sexy art! Of course I am also available for non-sexy commissions too, don't worry!

You can contact me at or send me a message through tumblr. I'm very fast, very professional, and you've seen my quality if you're a regular reader of my tumblr or of Incubus Tales.

I'm happy to provide references and pleased clients if you need any such thing. Just let me know.

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