Thursday, November 18, 2010

COICA -- Contact your Senators NOW!

This is not only a scary potential legislation, it's also potentially an extremely dangerous one. It basically gives the United States government control over the entire internet -- the World Wide Web, I might remind them -- and all of its included content and sites, giving them the ability to censor the web just like inhuman governments such as China and Iran do. Not that this is any surprise, given the proclivities of the US Government in the past ten years, but enough is enough.

Please contact your Senators here. Tell them to oppose COICA and that if they support it, they're doing a disservice to every American. Remind them that you vote, and that if they support COICA, you won't be supporting them next election, or any of their corporate sponsors, for that matter.

We have to stick together for this. Please. For the sake of the world that's being inherited by the young ones. So that they'll actually have a world, and not just a mass of issues that their forbears left them, that is if anyone is actually left after the inevitable backlash. This is an international legal mess just waiting to happen.

Please, let's not allow it to happen in the first place.

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