Monday, December 27, 2010

Colorful Heart Lyrics and English Translation

I've done it again! I'm on a roll today. Some days I cannot function in two languages effectively, but today I've been in the mood, and I was inspired. The song got into my head, and it is so beautiful, so I went ahead and transcribed and translated 'Colorful Heart'.

Just a few brief notes for this one: 'iroaseru' means 'to fade', but it has a connotation of colour, so 'iroasenaide' means 'don't fade', with the context being for one's colours not to fade.

As usual, the same things apply to this translation as to all of my others. I don't claim to be perfect at conveying meaning to others, even though I can understand the meaning. Japanese, as a language, is extremely context-heavy and also tends to love double-meanings and wordplay, so I've taken some poetic touches, here and there.

As always, please give me a link if you use my translation. Thanks, and keep rolling!



優しさ達 夢のカケラ
手にとってみよう また輝くさ

なくならないで あの日の永遠
色あせないで あの日の永遠

星の砂かぶって見えない だけど
月明かりの下 反射してる 素敵だね



なくならないで あの日の永遠
色あせないで あの日の永遠

いつか全部わたせるように Ah


あなたの永遠 Ah

Colorful Heart

Takusan no mono wo hiroiatsumeteru
Koborete shimatta daiji na koto ga
MONOKURO no you ni yokotawatte matteiru

Yasashisatachi yume no KAKERA
Te ni totte miyou mata kagayakusa

Nakunaranaide ano hi no eien
Yawaraka na moufu no kumo de oyogu toki wo
Iroasenaide ano hi no eien
KARAFURU na HAATO wo mou ichido

Tsukamezu ni ochita itoshii kotoba ga
Hoshi no suna kabutte mienai dakedo
Tsukiakari no shita hansha shiteru suteki da ne

Togatteru to kizu tsukeau

Demo hontou wa manmaru dakara

Nakunaranaide ano hi no eien
Ryuusei no soyokaze ni kaminabiku yoru wo
Iroasenaide ano hi no eien
KARAFURU na HAATO wo mou ichido

KIRAKIRA shita watashi iro no katamari
Itsuka zenbu wataseru you ni Ah

Dakishimetai na anata no eien
Hoshizora no manazashi de tsutsumikomu you ni
Mamotte itai na anata no eien
KARAFURU na HAATO ni natte

Anata no eien Ah
Inotteitai na anata no eien
Tsunagatte ikimasu you ni...

Colorful Heart

Collecting so many things
The overflowing things, so important
Lie in wait like monochrome

Warm kindnesses
Pieces of dreams
Take them in our hands, still full of radiance

Don't disappear
The eternity of that day
That time swimming in the gentle blanket of clouds
Don't fade
The eternity of that day
Colourful heart, once more

The precious words I couldn't hold onto, which fell
Couldn't put on the sand of stars, but
Under the moonlight
It's breathtaking

You can hurt yourself on a sharp point

But that's why it is really a perfect circle

Don't disappear
The eternity of that day
That night where your hair fluttered
In the gentle breeze of a shooting star
Don't fade
The eternity of that day
Colourful heart, once more

The me-coloured katamari sparkled
One day to be passed on Ah

I want to hold you
Your eternity Ah
To wrap you up in a look of the starry sky
I want to protect you
Your eternity
For our hearts to become colourful

Your eternity Ah
I want to pray for you
Your eternity
So we can be connected...

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