Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urgent Petitions

For all of you regular readers, you know how important it is to me that these petitions be signed as quickly as possible. They do make a difference.

If you can't sign them yourself, at least spread the word and try to reach those who can. These are all issues that affect the world at large, not just the US, but some petitions are restricted by geographical area. Nonetheless, you can still do an immense amount of good by telling others who might be able to sign, or who might know people who can.

Save Wolves - This petition is to stop a very rash move by a very foolish man, who may endanger the lives of thousands of endangered animals if he does what he intends to do. If he is allowed to do as he pleases, protection for all endangered species will be compromised by his actions. This administration has allowed more than enough destruction of nature and wildlife. It should not be permitted to do any further.

Clicking the link will take you to Defenders of Wildlife, one of the foremost wildlife protection charitable organisations that exists in the world.

Protect Human Rights - The recent wikileaks debacle has polarised people. However, things have -- as usual -- gone much too far. And, as usual, the strongest supporter of insanity is Joe Lieberman, a politician whose disturbingly extreme policies have caused him to be rejected by both major parties in the United States.

Please sign this petition, which aims to stop proposals by Lieberman and his supporters to implement laws that would be retroactive in nature. If they are allowed to do this, it's over. The justice system, the Constitution...I'm not exaggerating when I say that will all be in danger. If they're allowed to implement laws that are retroactive, it would be like outlawing potato chips tomorrow and then punishing everyone who ever bought, owned, or ate potato chips then, despite them not having been illegal before then.

You can see where this is a worrying issue. So whatever your thoughts on wikileaks, this goes far beyond that. This is undermining the very nature of law, and it must not be allowed to happen.

Honestly, if these politicians had either maturely owned up to their actions or let it blow over, it would not be such a huge disaster. But they have made a huge fuss over it, which says nothing so much as 'we know what we did was wrong and we did it anyway', even if they actually didn't. Since there are no longer legal protections for government whistle-blowers (thanks, Supreme Court, for protecting politicians from being responsible!) -- people who can point out wrongdoing in government -- this country and indeed the world needs an anonymous place in which to do that.

Governments must be made accountable to their people. They cannot be allowed to make decisions the people overwhelmingly oppose, cannot be allowed to oppress their people, and above all cannot be allowed to imagine that they are above the system of checks and balances that are supposed to restrict them and make them accountable. The United States government especially has been guilty of this very 'teenager-ish' behaviour, and it must stop. It is time for politicians to think about the people that they have wronged and understand that politicians are held accountable by the very people whom they have shamed by their actions.

It is not wikileaks or any other third party who should be held accountable here. It is the government and specifically the people who committed these disgraceful acts that have been revealed to the public. They are embarrassing to the American people, they are in violation of international law, and they are unethical and unscrupulous. These people have brought shame on an entire country of people.

Don't be angry at wikileaks or the person who revealed it. That's just silly. That's as stupid as getting angry at a waiter because your food was bad. He didn't cook it. That's a 'kill the messenger' mentality, which is a mistake.

Be angry at the people who did these things. These same people are trying right now to ride roughshod over the law so that they can punish someone who did nothing wrong, simply because he enabled their own indiscretions to be revealed.

Each and every politician who was and is a part of this should be forced to apologise to the American people on national television and resign his or her post. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. None.

So please consider that when you are considering whether or not to sign this petition. You need to sign it. If you have read this far, you know you need to sign it too. So please do, and please spread the word. Tomorrow will be too late.

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  1. Agree, Hushichan. People forget that the government is never to be trusted. Question authority and do not let this slip passed. Too many years have gone by where the government has had it's way over the American people. It has to stop now.